Once an athlete is registered for the ZYBL, they will be contacted to attend an evaluation/tryout in Brampton or Vaughan prior to the start of games and practices. During this assessment our basketball coaches determine a player's basketball skills, IQ, conditioning, strength, teamwork, and coachability. The evaluations will allow for an even distribution of talent among all teams in the league to ensure healthy and fair competition. Following the evaluation, our experienced basketball coaches select players and build teams according to the wide range of data collected.

Regular Season: Teams play weekly basketball games in Brampton and Vaughan and have team practices with a focus on individual and team development. ZYBL playoffs take place in the final weeks of the program and a champion is crowned!

Playoffs: ZYBL playoffs take place in the final weeks of the program and a champion is crowned!

Awards: The MVP (Most Valuable Player), Defensive-MVP, Finals MVP, MIP (Most Improved Player), and the ZOR Hustle & Heart award are presented at the end of the playoffs.

All of our basketball leauge (ZYBL) participants receive:

  • Official ZOR T-shirt

  • Custom Sublimation Jersey

  • Elite level Coaching

  • Evaluation Combine

  • Practice every 2/3 weeks

  • Weekly Games

  • Playoffs for Championship

  • Stats/Standings posted online

  • Stat Leaders posted on Home Page

  • All Star Weekend

  • Free Academic consulting (available upon request)

  • Subsidized Training Package

elite basketball coach Manny Sahota coaching basketball in Vaughan and Brampton based gyms
Coach Harm coaching youth basketball in Brampton or Vaughan Ontario
here, zor basketball league members participate in weekly practices held in Vaughan or Brampton