ZYBL 2021 Youth Basketball Playoff Picture

The playoff format is a 3 game series in round 1 where a team has to go 2-1 or win all 3 games in order to advance to the next round. If a team is up 2-0 in a series, the third game will begin with a score that shows the sum total of the margin of victory in the previous 2 games. For example; if Team A wins against Team B 47 - 44 and 38 - 35 in the first 2 games, the score at the start of the third game will be 6- 0 in favour of Team A.


Junior Division

In the first round of playoff action Team Jermaine upsets Team Harvey in a close one. Team Sami handles business against Team Harraj swiftly. All players will be eager to get back on the court this weekend.

2021 league scoring leaders JUNIOR DIVISION

Bantam Division

This division hosted some close battles in week 1 of playoffs with all 4 teams competing until the final buzzer. Team Manny got off to a hot start against Team Jermaine and stayed on top to win the first matchup. Team Priyanka gets the close one over Team Jadranko.

2021 league scoring leaders BANTAM DIVISION

Intermediate Division

Teams Harvey and Sami both get the win in their play-in game and advance to the semi-finals. Teams Jermaine and Manny played a friendly exhibition match; Teams Harraj and Jadranko will do the same this weekend. Good luck to all teams!

2021 league scoring leaders INTERMEDIATE DIVISION

Senior Division

Team Sami takes over in the second half to get the win against Team Harraj. Team Jermaine battles Team Jasraj all the way until the final buzzer to go 1-0. Both matchups will be exciting to watch heading into this weekend as there seems to be unfinished business between teams in this division.

2021 league scoring leaders SENIOR DIVISION

Elite Division

Teams Sami and Harvey display one of the most exciting games of the day and a missed 3 point shot at the last horn puts Team Sami at a 1-0 advantage. Team Jermaine G beats Team Jasraj by 9. Although the margin for this game was greater at half, Team Jasraj competed to bring the game within single digits at the end.

2021 league scoring leaders ELITE DIVISION

Girls Division

Our girls have been working hard all season and through this hard work they have been able to put on a show in the first round of playoffs. All games were close and the execution during gameplay has improved significantly. Keep working ladies!

2021 league scoring leaders SENIOR DIVISION

Recreational Division

Semi-finals for playoffs will begin this weekend in a 2 game match-up series where the score from game 1 will carry over to game 2. The improved confidence and development in these youngsters has been great to see. Wishing all coaches and players best of luck!⁣⁣

2021 league scoring leaders rec DIVISION