The playoff format is a 3 game series in round 1 where a team has to go 2-1 or win all 3 games in order to advance to the next round. If a team is up 2-0 in a series, the third game will begin with a score that shows the sum total of the margin of victory in the previous 2 games. For example; if Team A wins against Team B 47 - 44 and 38 - 35 in the first 2 games, the score at the start of the third game will be 6- 0 in favour of Team A.

Junior Division

All teams maintain their positions - no change in rankings.⁣ Development continues to be the focus for this division and the improvement in team play is apparent.

2021 league standings JUNIOR DIVISION

Bantam Division

Team Manny edges Team Priyanka in a head to head for the top spot in the division. Team Jermaine gets their first win of the season. Team Jadranko continues to become a cohesive unit. ⁣

2021 league standings BANTAM DIVISION

Intermediate Division

Team Sami gets their first win of the season. Teams Harvey and Manny go head to head and switch spots in ranking.

2021 league standings INTERMEDIATE DIVISION

Senior Division

All teams maintain their positions and continue to battle it out in a competitive season.⁣

2021 league standings SENIOR DIVISION

Elite Division

Teams Jasraj and Jermaine break the tie for the bottom seeds and move up in ranking. Team Sami maintains their top position.

2021 league standings ELITE DIVISION

Girls Division

Our ladies have been battling it out over the past 4 weeks and are steadily improving each week. Players are starting to figure out their niches in the game and elevating the level of team play. ⁣⁣

2021 league standings Girls DIVISION

Recreational Division

Players are developing each week through consistent work and repetition. Coaches look forward to working with this group & increasing competition level heading into playoffs. ⁣

2021 league standings Recreational DIVISION