Basketball Training in Brampton

The energy in our group workouts is infectious and elevates the intensity of the work being done by all members in the program. Group training programs allow students to come in multiple times a week so that they are able to build consistency with their training habits. The sessions are generally divided into 5 components.

  1. Basketball training

  2. Preliminary skills training

  3. Deeper, advanced skills training

  4. Team concepts and basketball intelligence

  5. Cool down

Coaching is geared towards the age and skill level of the players involved. Each session builds and progresses on what was taught previously. The structure, intensity, and attention to detail will not only help to improve a young athlete’s game but also teach discipline, build character, and keep things enjoyable as they continue to improve.

Small group training sessions have a maximum of 10 students, where large group sessions have 10+ students.