Prep Basketball in Brampton

The energy in our group workouts is infectious and elevates the intensity of the work being done by all members in the program. Group training programs allow students to come in multiple times a week so that they are able to build consistency with their training habits. The sessions are generally divided into 5 components.

  • Are you a parent that is concerned about sending their child back into a traditional school environment as we transition out of regional lock-downs?

  • ZOR Preparatory Academy offers a unique approach to learning through its well balanced academic and athletic activities including class periods in sync with local school boards and 3 workouts daily.

  • ZOR Prep will run out of a 17 000 square foot facility right on the border of Vaughan and Brampton with access to classrooms and professional training courts.

  • Strict Covid-19 protocols will be enforced at all times.

  • With board certified teachers and elite level basketball coaches, the training and discipline you will receive through ZOR Prep is bound to set up any student for future success.

To join us for an information session and learn more about ZOR Prep -- Email us to learn

Small group training sessions have a maximum of 10 students, where large group sessions have 10+ students.